Homeschool Hopes and Dreams

Are You Including Your Children in the Conversation? Homeschool parents have hopes and dreams for their children. How did you come up with your hopes and dreams for your children? Do you listen to their hopes and dreams? When they are babies and toddlers, it’s not possible to get much input. You have to observe their actions and behavior. For example, it’s my guess that when Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, and Ferdinand Magellan were toddlers
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Things I Laugh About Now That Our Homeschool Journey Is Almost Over

I Laugh Now But I Stressed Out When… Join me as I journey back to my beginnings as a home schooler over thirty years ago. (Nah, I’m not that old, am I?) We Received the First Standardized Scores Yes, you can continue to teach your children at home if one of them scores in the bottom 20th percentile on a math achievement test in third grade. It’s true. I stressed and thought the homeschool world,
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Moving to the Country: 25th Anniversary

Twenty Five Years Ago: Our Move to the Country Moving to the country was one of the best moves my husband and I ever made for our family. We’ve  learned a few things along the way. 1.  The moon has phases. It is really dark when there is no moon. It is really light when there is a full moon. Take away your street lights for a month or two. You will see what I
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