The Future of Our Nation

When I look at our nation, I could get very discouraged if I take the pessimistic side. But when I remember what God had done for this country, I am encouraged.

From Sea to Shining Sea

When I read books like  From Sea to Shining Sea by Peter Marshall and David Manuel, it reminds me that God does have a plan!

I didn’t know that twenty years after our country became a nation that it had turned away from God. Around 1800 most of the students at schools like Harvard and Yale were not Christian. It looked bad for the young United States of America.

Then, God sent a nationwide revival, and it turned around–until the next time our nation turned away just like Israel did.

Like a good parent, God is going to give us what we need. Whoever He puts into authority over us is what we need to be the people He wants us to be.

I am greatly comforted with that knowledge.

Remember what God has done. It is encouraging.



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