Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding, 3rd Edition by Harold R. Jacobs

Geometry: Seeing, Doing, and Understanding, and Elementary Algebra are preferred by many homeschoolers as an alternative to Saxon Math. They are suitable for self-paced study.

The Textbook is out of print and unavailable; however we have the Teacher's Guide and Instructor's Resource CD-ROM

The third edition of Jacobs Geometry features: more focus on informal and paragraph proofs; streamlined definitions, proofs, and theorems; diverse examples from around the world; a third more exercises than previous editions with 75% of them being new; algebra reviews; SAT problems are included in the exercise sets; updated art program, now in full color; summary and review sections at the end of each chapter; and glossary, postulates and theorems list at the end of the book.

The books written By Harold R. Jacobs encourage an appreciation for math as well as the understanding of the concepts.

Ask Dr. Callahan Geometry Instruction DVD

For those of you who like help with teaching Geometry, Ask Dr. Callahan has created a teaching DVD that uses Geometry, Seeing Doing Understanding, 3rd Edition. Our daughter used it. She says it is extremely helpful and makes the lessons easier to understand.

Geometry 3rd Edition Components

Seeing Doing Understanding Geometry Enhanced Teachers Guide by Harold Jacobs
Enhanced Teacher's Guide for Geometry Seeing Doing Understanding 3rd Edition

By Harold R. Jacobs

ISBN-13: 9780716756071

The Enhanced Teacher's Guide Geometry 3rd Ed Seeing Doing Understanding is "exceptionally complete and includes many of Harold Jacob's suggestions and side notes based on his own teaching experience."

The Teacher's Guide features lesson plans, additional background information on many exercises and solutions to all exercises in the book. Answers for the textbook are in the Teacher's Guide.


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Geometry Instructor's Resource CD-ROM
Instructor's Resource CD-ROM for Harold Jacobs Geometry 3rd Edition Seeing, Doing, Understanding

By Harold R. Jacobs

ISBN-13: 9780716756095

The Instructor's Resource CD-ROM for Geometry, Seeing, Doing, Understanding contains "the Teacher's Guide materials and illustrations, figures, and diagrams from the book. Topical images taken from newspapers, magazines, and other resources are also included to assist teachers in bringing more fun applications to their lessons."

It's my understanding that this is used for making overheads for classroom use. If you are teaching one student, you should be able to show the student the illustrations in the Teacher's Guide.

Bottom Line: This is a cd to print the instructor's resources on your computer printer.

ISBN-13: 9780716756095

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Geometry Text 3rd Ed. by Harold Jacobs
Harold Jacobs Geometry Seeing, Doing, Understanding Text 3rd Edition

By Harold R. Jacobs

ISBN-13: 9780716743613


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Geometry Instruction DVD

Ask Dr. Callahan Geometry Instruction DVD for Jacobs Geometry
Ask Dr. Callahan Geometry DVD for Jacobs Geometry

Dr. Dale Callahan

Item #:ADCGeometry

The Ask Dr. Callahan Geometry DVD Set has approximately 12 hours of video that follows the lessons in the Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding textbook by Harold Jacobs. The set includes:

  • Disk 1 CD contains the Geometry Teachers Guide. These are PDF files to be used on your computer. They can be printed as needed. The same files can be downloaded from the publisher's website.
    • Information to use problems from the text and test grading guide are included on the disk in pdf format.
    • FREE one year support from
    • Syllabus (Semester 1, Semester 2) is also included on the disk in pdf format.
  • Disk 2 DVD covers the introduction.
  • Disk 3 DVD covers chapter 1.1 to 2.6.
  • Disk 4 DVD covers chapter 3.1 to 5.4.
  • Disk 5 DVD covers chapter 6.1 to 10.6.
  • Disk 6 DVD covers chapter 11.1 to 15.7.

(Click here to view a sample of the DVD)

Required for this course are Geometry 3rd Edition Text: Seeing, Doing, Understanding and the Teacher's Guide. They are sold separately above.

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Test Bank for Geometry: Seeing Doing Understanding 3rd Edition by Harold R. Jacobs

Test Bank for Jacobs Geometry 3rd Ed.
Test Bank for Harold Jacobs Geometry 3rd Edition Seeing, Doing, Understanding

By Harold R. Jacobs

ISBN-13: 9780716775942

The Improved Test Bank for Geometry 3rd Edition consists of one chapter test for each chapter, a midyear exam, and a final exam. Chapter tests take about 45 minutes, and exams take about 100 minutes.

Complete answers to all of the tests are included at the end of the Test Bank.

Do you need the Test Bank? It depends on your situation. Do you need formal tests for proving work in geometry or will problems in the lessons and chapter reviews in the textbook be sufficient? Many families opt to use problems in the book for testing. On the other hand, if you are teaching in a homeschool co-op or classroom setting, then the test bank would be a better choice.


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