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One popular homeschooling method is the unit study approach. If you are tired of the textbook approach and want to try something new, I would suggest a good unit study curriculum. I've said before that one of the nice things about the homeschool movement is that many homeschoolers wrote their own curriculum and then published it for others to use. You can benefit from all the great choices!Prairie Primer by Margie Gray 9780965251136

Unit studies are wonderful for folks who want a multilevel family friendly homeschool.

For the upper elementary ages, the Prairie Primer makes use of the Little House on the Prairie books. If your children are interested in that series, it offers structured lesson plans and gives you lots of options.

Another unit study from Cadron Creek is Further Up and Further In. It is for the next age group. It is based on the Chronicles of Narnia, which is sparking the interest of a new generation with the new movies that are in production.

Where the River and Brook Meet uses the Anne of Green Gables series as the literature base. Designed for grades 7 to 12, your student will study the Victorian era in this one year curriculum.

America An Integrated Curriculum by Chris Roe is a literature-based integrated American history curriculum for grades 3 to 6. It is a two year program with three 11 week studies for each year. The events in Peter Marshall's Light and the Glory series for children are the focus for the first year. Other good books round out the study of America.

Where Brook and River Meet by Margie Gray 9780965251150 On this page we also offer Unit Study Resources such as the All Through the Ages Literature Guide and Valerie Bendt's Unit Studies Made Easy. These are "must haves" if you are going to pursue unit studies.

Kathryn Stout wrote Guides to History Plus as an easy to use multi-level guide for studying any time period or culture! She shows you how to turn your history study into an in-depth unit study. Ruth Beechick goes back to Biblical beginnings with her Genesis Finding Our Roots.

Genesis Finding Our Roots

Genesis Finding Our Roots
Genesis Finding Our Roots

Dr. Ruth Beechick

ISBN-13: 9780940319110

Genesis Finding Our Roots is a unit study based on the book of Genesis, where history starts. This book is beautifully written and illustrated. It uses Adam and His Kin and other resources.

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Guides to History Plus

By Kathryn Stout, Publisher: Design-A-Study

ISBN-13: 9781891975080

Guides to History Plus is a K-12 history and geography objectives in easy-to-use question guide useful in the study of any period or culture. Activity guide allows you to integrate other subjects by using a more in-depth unit study approach. Resource List.

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Unit Study Resources

With good resources from your personal library and the public library, you are on your way to digging deeper into any topic incorporating several subject areas. We have books to help you choose good literature for your unit study.

The All Through the Ages History Through Literature Guide is a great listing of books for all grades.  Listed chronologically and geographically, it is comprehensive and well organized. Let the Authors Speak is another excellent listing of books by author, time period, and location.

In addition to these book guides, Valerie Bendt wrote the definitive book about doing homeschool unit studies. Unit Studies Made Easy: A Guide to Simplified Learning at Home is a revision and compilation of Valerie Bendt's four unit study titles: How to Create Your Own Unit Study, The Unit Study Idea Book, For the Love of Reading, and Success with Unit Studies.  You'll find it helpful if you are new to this method of homeschooling.

Books to Help You Choose Good Books

All Through the Ages History Through Literature Guide by Christine Miller, Nothing New Press
All Through the Ages: History Through Literature Guide 2008

By Christine Miller, Publisher: Nothing New Press

Item #nnpata2008

An excellent multi-level guide, All Through the Ages is a "compilation of over 5,600 of the best living books and great literature, arranged by chronological era, geographical region, and reading level, from many respected resources."

Use All Through the Ages to find great books for your history studies if you use a literature approach, a unit study approach. If you are using a traditional curriculum, use the guide to find supplementary reading for your children. It's a Lamp Post Homeschool Store Favorite!

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Unit Studies Bendt Family Ministries

Unit Studies Made Easy
Unit Studies Made Easy: A Guide to Simplified Learning at Home

Valerie Bendt

ISBN-13: 9781885814135

Unit Studies Made Easy is a revision and compilation of Valerie Bendt's four unit study titles:

  • How to Create Your Own Unit Study
  • The Unit Study Idea Book
  • For the Love of Reading

Success with Unit Studies

This updated volume also includes a new section entitled Biblical Parenting or Schooling at Home.

I would also recommend All Through the Ages as a guide to choosing good historical  books for your unit study.

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Quick Flip Charts

If you are the creative unit study type or want to be, Quick Flip Charts from Edupress are quite useful. Depending on the chart, they list questions, activities, projects, writing assignments, etc. It is fun to be creative without having to reinvent the wheel. Quick Flips can help make the creative side of homeschooling a little easier for a small investment. The following topics are available:

Critical Thinking Quick Flip Questions

Quick Flip Questions For the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy
Quick Flip Questions for Critical Thinking

Publisher: Edupress

Item #EP504

Using Bloom's Taxonomy is easy with this handy teaching tool! Learn to ask questions, lead discussions and plan lessons geared to each level of critical thinking.

The Quick Flip Questions for Critical Thinking will be helpful for learning what kinds of questions and discussions are appropriate for each stage of learning. You can keep the handy reference at your fingertips when you are stumped on what to discuss next.

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Writing Domains Quick Flip Ideas

Quick Flip Ideas for Writing Domains

Publisher: Edupress

Item #EP491

Develop activities for a balanced, inventive writing program. Writing domains listed are technological, analytical, expository, sensory, descriptive, practical, informative, imaginative, and narrative.

The Quick Flip Ideas for Writing Domains explains the different types of writing. With it, you can quickly decide what type of writing activity would work best with your current study.

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Multiple Intelligences Quick Flip Activities

Quick Flip Activities for Multiple Intelligences

Publisher: Edupress

Item #EP490

  • Learn to identify individual learning styles and plan lessons geared to student strengths with this Quick Flip Chart for Multiple Intelligences.

The Quick Flip Activities for Multiple Intelligences is quite useful for choosing activities and projects based on your child's learning styles and strengths.

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Six Traits of Writing Quick Flip References

Quick Flip References for the Six Traits of Writing

Publisher: Edupress

Item #EP493

Definitions and examples in the make it easy to understand and implement the six writing traits. Six traits of writing are: ideas and content, organization voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.

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